Monday, 17 September 2012

PES 2013 Player Names


  1. Hi foxtrot.

    I also did the list this year on

    Thanks to your list I found some duplicate players i had not found yet. so thanks for that!

    But I also found some thing that are in my opinion wrong in your list.

    The link below will take you to my list and I've put a * behind the players that are different.

    This could be a lot of things like: Player is or isn't a duplicate / wrong player / wrong shirt name.

    If there are point you don't agree with please let me know in the thread the link goes to.

    Thanks for your great work over the years and yer again this year!

    P.S. I don't want to criticize just trying to help.

    1. Hey dude,

      Nice to see you back. I'll take a look through your spreadsheet when I get a chance - hopefully tonight and compare.

      Nice work! Cheers.

    2. I didn't get a chance to look through your sheet last night. I'm away for the weekend so I'll do it when I get back! :)

    3. Hi again mate,

      I've compared our work and I agree with most of your findings and have updated it. There are a few which I think are right:

      Ricardo Buitrago for Panama (Height & Age match),
      Mohammad Rashed for Kuwait (Height & Age match),
      Amer Khan for Lebanon (Height & Age match)


    4. I agree with Buitrago and changed it.

      The other two players really can be both.. I have chosen the players because of slightly more resemblance to the fake names. (imo)

      Thanks again.

      BTW. are you releasing a base-copy list with players that will disappear this year?

    5. If the info is posted on the Japanese Official WE site again this year, I'll translate it to here, yes.

  2. Dear Friend, I think that there are more than 64 players on the pack list, page 18 of your list, aren't there?. Like Boniek, Montero, Figueroa, and others... You have made an excellent job dudge. I've been looking for this list for a long time.

    Best Regards

    Caio Torino from Brazil.


    1. Check this link for PES2012 unlockables:

      the unlockables in PES2013 are the same as in PES2012

  3. poderia postar os nomes certos dos ml newface latinamerica e ml newface euro, pois só faltou esse nomes certos. Muito obrigado pela atenção.

  4. ARMIZE (nr. 5, Nigerian national team) is AMBROSE (Celtic Glasgow):

  5. i think you have some rong in your list .. special in classic teames like Brasil i think you forget some players like R.Carlos

  6. i think its nice man !! thanks very much..

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